CBD Vape Pens are a sign of the future. Why smoke, when you can vape?
The BobSled CBD Vape Pen is discreet, fast and delivers numerous health benefits thanks to our stringent testing.

Unlike our competitors who only test for four kinds of chemicals and pesticides, we make sure our hemp is fresh & organically grown. To guarantee that we provide our customers with the very best hemp, we test for 59 different pesticides and chemicals. Next, we infuse our CBD Vape Pens with MCT oil, known to boost energy and strengthen the gut. The coconut oil in our MCT oil has been linked to antifungal and antimicrobial properties can help reboot immune systems by killing off unhealthy fungus.

Bobsled’s CBD Vape Pens comes in several delicious flavors; blueberry, lime, Natural or cantaloupe.

A three-second puff releases one to two milligrams of CBD oil that quickly activates in the body. The euphoric effects come soon after. If you’re feeling jittery or prone to anxious thoughts, CBD oil can lower blood pressure and is an all-natural anti-inflammatory agent*.

CBD Vape Pen


The organic hemp oil found in our CBD Vape Pen has hundreds of health benefits*. Those suffering from chronic pain and multiple sclerosis could find their conditions temporarily alleviated and long-term users will be happy to know that that CBD can help with managing the behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and is often trusted to reduce feelings of stress and panic.

CBD Vape Pen After Gym
That’s not all, our CBD Vape Pen is also used as part of a healthy active lifestyle. Training for a marathon or trying to push yourself to the next level? CBD oil can help. Fitness enthusiasts will be grateful to know that vaping soothes soreness and diminishes recovery time by assisting you in meeting fitness goals and staying on track. Anti-stress properties can in turn lower cortisol levels and make building muscle easier.

Women have another reason to love their Bobsled CBD Vape Pen. Period pains and uncomfortable cramps could be gone by puffing organic hemp oil. The upside translates to fewer missed workouts and bigger fitness gains. A three-second puff before and after workouts can upgrade performance in cycling, running, yoga or whatever else you love to do.

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First-time users will feel self-assured knowing that CBD differs from THC in many ways. THC gives users a high feeling that some find overwhelming and anxiety-ridden. CBD produces the opposite effect. It can help combat social anxiety and a wide-ranging list of physiological conditions*. With the everyday stresses of modern life, with too much work and screen time, some people can find it difficult to sleep. CBD oil counteracts these negative effects and relaxes the body guiding us into peaceful sleep cycle*, from which we can feel the benefits in our everyday lives.

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There is no wrong time to be using a CBD Vape Pen. We’ve found that each puff invigorates our energy levels and quiets our mind. Without worrying about what’s going to happen next, we feel more focused and determined to accomplish our projects. CBD oil can intensify our workouts and seamlessly transition us to a state of post work relaxation. Bobsled users have reported feeling their best selves since incorporating our CBD pen into their lives. Our vape pen is self-contained, mess-free and delivers feel-good effects in mere seconds so no one has to know when you are using it.

*These statements have not been verified with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

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